My Three Loves

Steve - the pilot 
He is a wonderful husband and father.  He has run three marathons, multiple half-marathons and is looking good at the ripe old age of 42.  He is a hard worker, a home improvement guru, a protector, a provider, and a Buckeye fan (O-H). He happens to be a car snob.  He is a good friend.  And one of the things I love about him the most is his self assurance. 


My little buddy.  He is 9-years-old.  He really is a terrific kid!  He is a great big brother, and protects his little sister.  He loves minecraft and reading.  He also tries his hardest to dance, just like his Daddy.  We always say he is going to be an engineer one day since he always looks at the way things work.  He loves building things and understanding how things work.

Cecilia - aka Cici
My little sweetheart. She is 7-years-old and she is so full of life.  She laughs hard.  She is one stubborn thing. She loves to create, dance and sing, and her American Girl dolls. She is very passionate.