14 hour duty days. Glamorous? Not!

Steve's alarm went off this morning at 8:00 EST. Van at 8:45 EST. Go at 10:05 EST. He has 4 legs today, the last one being a deadhead. He has hours and hours and hours of sit time today. He isn't expected home until 22:55. That is about a 14 hour duty day.

Whoever calls this job "glamorous" or "neat" is mistaken.

Days like today are exhausting for Steve, and I am glad that I will be asleep when he gets home. I love Steve, but when he gets home after days like today he isn't very pleasant. He will be even more pleasant when he wakes up tomorrow morning with the kids at the crack of dawn.


  1. I got some clarification from Steve...he had 6 hours of sit time yesterday. 6!


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