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A shitty evening

It's always the shitty times that make for good blog posts, right? It's certainly therapeutic for me to write about shitty nights. And Monday night was just one of those nights.

If you've been following my blog and social media, you know my mom died 4 months ago. At first I kept saying I was "okay." I was not "okay" the week leading up to Easter. The whole stages of grief were certainly working their way, and I'm pretty sure the depressed stage hit right around Easter.

I felt overwhelmed, and blah, and didn't have much energy. I was weepy. I was exhausted.

That's what I've been feeling lately. Allowing myself to rest is a beautiful thing to hear. I feel guilty about it, as a mother, but I need to allow myself this. #grieving#4monthsagotoday — Joanna (@comebackdaddy) April 22, 2019

Point state of mind was very fragile. A fragile state of mind certainly impacts every aspect of a lif…

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