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Busted Finger

Steve never calls me while on the hotel van. Like, never. Like, so much so that I know better than to think about calling him during that ride. Like, he will even ignore some calls if I happen to call during that time.

Whatever. It doesn't bother me. I think he does it for respect for his fellow crew mates. Who wants to hear about his personal life on the van ride? I get it.

Well, guess what...Steve called me while on his hotel van the other morning. This is how I knew he was really trying to get out of the dog house.

Let me step back a bit...


Our super-cute asshole of a dog. I love him and hate him. We adopted him from a rescue group. Dudley was a "breeder surrender." Poor Dudley wasn't properly socialized as a pup. Poor Dudley has fear based aggression. We are working on him...and a work-in-progress it is.

Ok, so Monday night I took Niko and Dudley on a walk. It was around 4:30-5p. I have always walked them together. No problem. For the visual, Niko is abou…

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