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Accept the things I cannot change

Holy Shit, April was the last time I blogged. Sorry. Frankly, just haven't felt like writing much. I think about it, but actually doing it has been a different story.  Every since December 2018, life's been pretty upside-down. That's when my 68-year-old mother passed away. It was three days before Christmas. She was packing the car, preparing to drive up to our house for a number of days. My dad found her in the driveway. Losing your mother sucks, plain and simple. I was not in the right headspace for a solid 6-9 months, or maybe it was 12 months? It seems like a blur.  Then October 2019 came. That's when I ruptured my Achilles tendon. I was at Cici's cross country meet, and I went from a walk to a run so I could meet her at a point on the course to cheer her on. With that push off, snap!  It was a shitty.shitty injury. The injury and surgery weren't the worst was the fallout from the non-weight bearing and immobility for three months. When I got out

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