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Enough already

Have you ever seen the movie The Truman Show? 1998. Jim Carrey. If you haven't, watch it. It's a really decent movie. If you have, then you know the scene at the end of the movie, when Jim Carrey's character, Truman, is sailing away to escape from his life behind the cameras. And the director brews up a storm. The waves get bigger, the lightening gets stronger. The boat struggles. Truman falls into the water. But, he rises from the water and gets into the boat. He survives. When the waters quiet Truman yells out, "is that the best you can do?"

I sort of feel like that's been our life the last 15 months or so. We've been challenged. What else is coming our way?

I lost my mom, suddenly with no warning. She died 3 days before Christmas. She was packing the car, getting ready to drive up to our house for the holiday. My dad was taking a shower. After some time he looked out the window because he hadn't heard her in a while. She was lying in the driveway. …

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