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Guys weekend

Steve has been doing this "lake weekend" thing for 25+ years. Every summer he gets together with three generations of guys for a weekend at a island on the lake where we keep our boat.

I've always hated this weekend.

He went on this lake weekend when Ben was an infant. He also went when Cici was an infant. With no fail he made the date every year. Meanwhile I was "stuck" with the kids, having to care for them, yet again, as a solo-parent. Did I say that I've always hated this weekend?

But I have to admit, this year it didn't suck. Ironically, he was actually gone an extra day this time, and still it didn't suck. I think a couple things contributed to this. First, it was our boat this year. In past years it was always on my in-laws boat. But, this year it was almost like I was hosting it in a way, despite my absence from the boat. I made sure there were snacks on the boat, bottles of water available, coffee, bedding, ect. When people are at my home, …

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