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Busted water heaters and lake houses

"Mommy, the shower isn't hot," Ben yelled down to me on Tuesday night.

Knowing it takes forever for the shower to heat up, due to the distance from the hot water tank to the shower, I yelled back, "give it a minute."

"I did..."

And that is how we discovered that the hot water wasn't hot.

So, I went down to the basement to investigate. Steve was in the air, so I had to do it on my own. I had NO idea what the hell I was even looking at.

I went back up to our office and went straight to YouTube. This is when I realized that I didn't even know if the damn thing was electric or gas. Due to the absence of a black power cord, I figured it was gas.

Shit. I hate gas. I have this fear that things will explode with gas. But, I had to figure this out. And so I did. Upon inspection I figured out that the pilot light was out.

This nice man on YouTube told me how to relight a pilot light. And so I traced back downstairs for the third time and tried to religh…

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