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We got another dog

We got our first dog shortly after we bought our first home. Her name was Lexi. She was sweet as pie. A blond, cross-eyed, lab/chow mix. She was found in a junk yard. Her mother was hit and killed by a car. Her fur was matted and covered in mud chunks, but her sweetness still shined through.

We had her for a couple months before I started to feel the impact of a solo dog. After I got home from work, all I wanted to do was lay on the couch. You know, because when you're 22 and work 8 hours, you're SO exhausted! All Lexi wanted to do when I got home was play.

So, we got Lexi a playmate. Cali. She was a flat-coat retriever mix, found alongside the highway. She was a great dog, with eyes that were human-like. In fact, if she stared at you long enough you would get a chill down your spine.

They both passed away a couple years ago. Cali probably had some form of cancer. Once she started messing in the house, it was only 3 weeks before she passed. The last 5 days she wouldn't eve…

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