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Shitty Christmas

Christmas was supposed to be great this year. My family (parents, and sisters with their families) were supposed to come to our house for five days to celebrate. Steve and I prepared the house, anything from adding more seating to our kitchen table, to bringing up the extra mattress from the basement into our office, so that my sister and brother-in-law could have a decent mattress to sleep on during their stay.

We even prepared by arranging to add an extra fridge to our that it could hold the 22 pound ham my mom bought, along with other things needed to feed 13 humans for five days. The fridge meant we needed a U-Haul to move it from our friend's garage to ours. And while we were at it, Steve figured we would stop and get 25 sheets of rigid foam insulation for our basement remodel.

On the Saturday before Christmas, the day everyone was to arrive, Steve and I got to the U-Haul store around 10:45a. Just as I got the truck started up, Steve's phone rang. "Why …

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