Coming home after a 5-day trip

Steve just got back from a long 5-day trip. The trip took him to LAX and Hawaii. Sounds nice, but the time difference can really throw one off.

Yesterday his alarm went off around 8am EST, he flew two legs, and pulled into the garage at 6:30pm. Long day. Usually when Steve gets home from such a long trip/day he will be sort of grump, understandably so.

Ben was in our bedroom watching Sesame Street (our usual routine when I am putting CC to bed), and I had just gotten done nursing CC. All of the sudden the garage started to open and the dogs started to bark.

Ben spring from the bed and said "what's that?". I told him it was daddy. I never tell Ben that daddy is coming home, because I think that may confuse him. So, Ben was not expecting him.

Ben plopped down each stair as fast as he could. He ran into the kitchen, nothing. He went into the family room, nothing. Then I told him through "that" door (the interior garage door), daddy would come.

Sure enough, daddy come through the door and Ben was just thrilled. He shreaked "daddy" and then proceeded to run about the first floor a bit before giving Steve a big hug.


The downside of getting home from a long trip: Ben woke up this morning at 6:40am. Usually he will stay in bed a couple minutes quitely before we get him. Well, the second he woke up he called for daddy. I went in there, but he wanted daddy. Daddy had to get up.

6:40am EST is tough when you have been on west coast/hawaii time for the last 5 days.