Daddy...Daddy, come back

The other day Ben, Cecilia and I stood in the driveway as Steve pulled out to leave for work. We waved and blew kisses and said "bye bye" and "I love you" over and over. Steve was off for a 4-day trip.

We walked back into the garage and Ben pulled out his bubble lawn mower and played around with that for a while. All the sudden, Ben walked back to the place we said goodbye, and all the sudden yelled "Daddy...daddy, come back!".

It broke my heart.

Usually, Steve leaves before Ben gets up in the morning so Ben never sees daddy leave for work. But he did the other day.

I thought about whether or not I should say anything to Steve about what Ben said. I told him. It broke his heart too. Leaving for work gets harder and harder for Steve since he misses the kids just so much when he is gone. But, I know that it also makes Steve happy to know that Ben thinks about him.