Sleep, child...sleep!

CC is 4 months old. The first year of a child's life is full of development and growth. Well, I think she just went through some major development/growth. She usually sleeps well at night. I put her down around 6:30p, she wakes once during the night for a feeding, and then down again until about 6a or so.

Well, two nights this week were R.O.U.G.H! She would wake every 2-3 hours all.night.long. Because Steve is working I have to handle this on my own. For two nights straight I got very broken sleep, and that makes for one tired mama. The only good thing about Steve being gone is that I could bring CC into bed with me as a last resort.

Last night was much better. Thank goodness!

When Steve called in this morning he asked how last night was. That little question means a lot to me. Since life is hard without him sometimes, that questions makes me know that he cares about us and gives his support.