working on the holidays...

Steve has been flying for a recognizable carrier since 1999. Steve still is not guaranteed that he will be off on holidays...and probably won't be guaranteed for another decade or two. Steve actually does have Thanksgiving off this year due to him bidding VRF (volunteer reduced flying). This means that instead of working four trips a month, he will work three. He has bid VRF since Cecilia was born. I love having him home, especially in these first couple months. And I love that this year we will be spending Thanksgiving with family.

He bid VRF for December, but did not get it. What does that mean? He has to work on Christmas. Steve's dreams of watching Benny run down the stairs to a load of presents will come true this year, but at 10:30am Steve will have to leave. What a sinking feeling for Steve...having to leave your family on such a wonderful, magical day. While we sit in our pajamas, sipping coffee and letting the kids play with their new toys, he is going to have to dress in his polyester pants, starched shirt, and hat to load up his 87 ton sled to head off to far and exotic places.

Unless you have to work on a holiday, I don't think that people understand how much it sucks to work on a holiday. The worst thing about working on a holiday is not being able to be with family. Work is work, but working on December 25 is just the pits.

One day Steve will not have to work on holidays, and until those days come we will make the most of the time we do have together. We will celebrate on the days he is home, and cherish the memories of making the most of what we have.


  1. That's exactly what happened to my DH last year. This year...working :( Sux!


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