be prepared!

It snowed yesterday. It snowed a good 8 inches. Thankfully my father-in-law is over so he had been shoveling our driveway every couple hours. Last night I went out and got another 2 inches moved. This morning a wonderful, kind neighbor came over and snow blowed the driveway moving the additional inches that fell overnight.

Notice anything missing from the above paragraph pertaining to me and my father-in-law: a snow blower.

You see, Steve, like most men, is the one to handle all of our yard things. Now, I am fully capable to mow the grass, snow blow the driveway, ect. I can start the lawnmower, but I need refreshers when it comes to the leaf blower and the snow blower. You have to prime the gas, play with the choke, close your eyes and clap your hands three times to get the damn things started. Steve did NOT, I repeat, did NOT get the damn thing ready before he left for his last trip. Not only did I not get a refresher on starting the snow blower, I have no idea if the thing has gas. Yeah, yeah...I know how to open the gas cap. But, I can guarantee that if the thing had gas in it, it wouldn't have been a lot. And I can guarantee that the gas/oil mixture we have in the gas can would not be enough to finish the driveway. That gas/oil mixture is something that I have no clue on how to do. This is all stuff Steve should have done before he left.

Again, thankfully my father-in-law was able to keep on top of the snow. But, had my in-laws not been up I would have arrived home with the kids after work/school to find, oh, about 6 inches of snow. Now, THAT would have been hard to move with a shovel. And if I did have to remove that snow with a shovel I would have been cursing Steve the entire he sat in warm Southern California. He still owes me a back rub since my back still hurts from moving those 2 inches last night.

This is a reminder to all husbands leaving on trips: leave with your snow blower full of gas, and your wife knowledgeable on how to start the damn thing.