Home just in time

Steve got home last night from a 4-day trip. The day he gets home is always filled with much anticipation on my end. For some reason I am extra motivated, and energy just fills the house. I think it is a combination of missing him and just being relieved that I will have extra helping hands.

Due to high winds yesterday (read: strong tail wind) he got in about 45 minutes early. But, he still wasn't home in time for Ben's Christmas circle time at school. Ben's event went from 6pm to 6:45pm. Ben's bedtime routine starts at 6:30pm. The first 15 minutes of circle time went well, and then Ben started acting up. He was running around, not listening to the stories being read or the songs be sung. He didn't even sit still when Ms. Carrie brought out the cookies and milk, and you know everyone stops to eat cookies.

At 6:45pm we got our coats on and headed out to the car. As I started to get Ben strapped into his car seat he totally rebelled. He stiffened his back and started to slide down the seat. I put him back in and as I was trying to buckle him in he hit my right between my eyes with this Lightening McQueen matchbox car. I saw stars...and I almost hit him back. I have been extremely angry with him just a handful of times, and this was one of them. As I was fighting back tears (yes, it hurt that bad), I spoke sternly to him and he finally gave him.

I loaded CC in the car, and we were off.

I looked in the mirror and it turns out that Ben's strike actually drew blood. I was still livid.

I called Steve, who was about 5 minutes away from home, and said "when you get home, Ben is your child to take care of."

Not 2 minutes later Ben was back to his jolly self and talking about all the Christmas lights he saw. Since I had stern words with him already regarding hitting me, there was nothing more I could do/say, so we were back to normal. Although I wanted to stay mad at him, I couldn't do it.

When we got home we ate soup for dinner, I put CC down, and Steve took care of Ben. I finally laid on the couch around 8:15pm, and I was asleep well before 9pm. Meanwhile, Steve cleaned up the house, which definitely made up for him being gone. Steve getting home yesterday was perfect timing, as I may very well have lost it if I were home by myself with just the kids.