It always happens...

It always happens that when Steve is on the road, the kids have a rough night.

Said rough night:
5:30pm - load the kids and dogs into the car to drive around and look at Christmas lights. Night is starting off right!

6:15pm - arrive home.

6:20pm - Ben takes a bath while Cecilia sits happily in her bouncy seat.

6:30pm - Ben is out of the bath, dressed and watching his new Christmas movie, Santa Buddies.

6:35pm - I start Cecilia's bedtime routine

So far, so good!

6:50pm - Cecilia is nearly asleep and I lay her down to sleep in her crib. Here is what the trouble begins...

Sometime after this Ben brushed his teeth, went to bed, locked himself in his room after crying because I couldn't read him any books since Cecilia was crying, and then I rocked Cecilia to sleep again...

After rocking her to sleep I then went to deal with Ben's locked door. This made him wake up and thus the crying begins again. I sang him a couple Christmas songs and then I finally left the room, but not after some more crying.

Not five minutes later, Cecilia woke up again. I gave her a pacifier, she went to sleep...

Not five minutes later Ben started crying again. Since he was calling out "mama...mommy...mommmmmyyyyyy" I went up there, instead of letting him cry it out a bit, which we usually do. He just wanted me. So, I sang him a couple more songs and left...but again, not without a couple more tears. He was finally down for the night!

I had a bit of time to download some pictures, straighten up the house, and eat a bowl of cereal. Then Cecilia started up again. Finally, around 10pm I gave in. She came into bed with me and sleep soundly until 5am.

In all fairness, Cecilia was sick over the weekend. She had a cough and sounded hoarse. I think she just wasn't feeling good and just needed some TLC. She has only slept in our bed maybe 4 times, and each time she was sick. I do not like co-sleeping, but in these rare circumstances I do what I need to to survive.

While I was listening to the chorus of children crying I kept thinking "damn it Steve, of course you had to be gone tonight. You better make up for this. You better let me sleep in on Friday..." But, when he gets home this will all be a distant memory, and I will just have one more notch on the belt of single-parenthood.