Steve left for a trip on Christmas Day. I didn't really talk to him all that much that day since I was busy with driving and visiting with my family.

On day 2 of the trip Steve flew to Hawaii. He called me when he got to his hotel. When he called he was sitting on his balcony drinking a beer and eating. I asked, "are you lonely?". I imagined him sitting there by himself and thought that he would have wanted company. He responded with "no, but I was yesterday."

Imagine that...being surrounded by thousands of people at an airport, but still being lonely. I know that when he got into his hotel the night of Christmas, he would have done anything to be home with us.

Steve is a wonderful husband, a wonderful father and a wonderful friend. He has many people who love him and care for him deeply. But, we can't all follow him on these trips. When he leaves us, he goes by himself. Sure, he has his crew for company. But, sometimes the Captain isn't up for going out, and the Flight Attendants don't really hang out with the pilots anymore. I wish he could bottle us up so he could take us with him for those times when he is lonely.