The moon sleeps during the day

Steve got in this morning from a red-eye. He pulled into the driveway at 7:10am. I let Ben sleep in a bit before getting ready for school so that daddy could wake him.

Steve got in, changed his clothes, and walked into Ben's room.

Ben shouted out "DADDY!". What a surprise for Ben, as he wasn't expecting Steve to be home. Steve then proceeded to get Ben ready for school. Ben asked Steve is he was going to school. Steve said "no, daddy isn't going to school because I have to sleep. You see, when you were sleeping last night I was working. So, now I have to sleep".

Ben then responded with "moon sleep".

You see, over the past couple months Ben has been really noticing the darkness that falls early. I have explained to him that the sun is out during the day and sleeps at night, and that the moon is out and night and sleeps during the day.

My smart little boy put two and two together and I think he actually understood that Daddy was up last night and now he needed to sleep, just like the moon.