Things will break only when a pilot is away...

We have two dogs, Lexi and Cali. We installed an invisible fence a good couple years ago, and it has done an excellent job at keeping them in the yard while away. The transmitter for the fence is in our garage. Those two little red dots that shine on the front of the box are proof that the fence is working. Yesterday, I noticed that those two red dots weren't shining...uh-oh!

I went into the garage to turn on the outside Christmas lights, and I noticed those two red lights were off. Uh-oh! I unplugged it and then back in again...nothing. Uh-oh! The last thing we need is to replace the darn transmitter. Due to two lightening strikes, we have already had to replace the thing twice already.

As I furthered my investigation, I came to the conclusion that the entire socket was blown out.

Of course, this discovery happened when Steve was one the less, sleeping for a red-eye. Thankfully, this was nothing urgent. Steve called this morning to tell me he was in and I informed him of the socket situation. The last thing, I am sure, he wants to do when he gets home is deal with this.

Oh the joys of home ownership...oh the joys of having a traveling husband.