What a date!

So, I will admit it. I am officially addicted to The Bachelor. I think a lot of the reason I am addicted is because Jake reminds me a lot of Steve. I could go into details, but I will spare you all the lovey-dovey details.

On last nights episode of The Bachelor, Jake took Ali on a one-on-one date. The date started with Jake flying Ali in a little plane. Jake escorted Ali into the plane, buckled her up and then started his pre-flight stuff. I could totally picture Steve doing the exact same things as they were showing Jake doing (checking fluid levels, walking around the plane, and whatever else you do on a pre-flight). It was so sexy and romantic. I guess only the wife of a pilot would think that stuff is sexy, but I guess that is why I married who I married. I was totally enamored with the scene and thought of what it would be like to be on that date.

Then it dawned on me: Steve took me flying on one of our first dates. But, for some reason it wasn't so sexy and romantic. Maybe it was because there was no music playing in the background and the scenes weren't cleverly edited...maybe it was because I was a little nervous...maybe it was because I had only just met Steve a couple weeks prior and he was almost a stranger to me...maybe it was because I wasn't wearing a diamond necklace like Ali. Not to mention, Steve's Captain was with us on the flight, so we had company.

Steve was flying corporate at the time. He and his Captain were bringing passengers into a county airport, and then had to fly to another airport to park the plane at its hanger. I joined them after they dropped the passengers off.

After the passengers deplaned, Steve came to get me in the terminal. We walked to the airplane and got on. Steve pulled down the jump seat for me in the cockpit. Yikes! I had only flown a couple times before this flight, and it was a good six years prior. I was a bit nervous, especially since I was right up there in the cockpit. I had a headset on and everything. I was right in the middle of everything.

For some reason, I don't really remember much of the flight. But, I remember what I was wearing and what Steve was wearing. I do remember Steve pulling back the yolk, or whatever that thing is called, as we sped down the runway to take off. I also remember that we never got all that high in the air because we didn't have all that far to fly. And I remember seeing all the houses below and how they looked like the houses on the game of Monopoly. I don't remember the landing at all, and I think that Steve would be proud of that. I think passengers only remember bad landings.

Steve said he was nervous the entire time. I think this was our second or third date. What a way to impress a girl.


  1. That is so romantic! And really, what a great way to bring you into his world. :)


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