Life will pass you by

The other night when Steve got in for his layover and I just spent 7 minutes talking to him. Due to a busy weekend, prior to this we hadn't really talked for a good 24 hours.

In that 7 minutes I tried to fill him in as much as I could about the last 24 hours. Mainly we were talking about Cecilia and her crappy sleeping at night, and what plan of attack we would do for Ben's potty training stuff. We talked about what he was going to do with the rest of his day. I was at work, and he was eating...we got off the phone.

What did I leave out? We didn't talk about anything that we did on Sunday. My niece was baptized and there was a lot that went on. I am sure we will talk about in the future, but we may not. This is where life will pass Steve by without all these little details. I do my best to fill him in on things, but sometimes things just slip by.

What little details am I talking about?
- Ben sitting on my dad's lap sharing a piece of baptism cake (this is sort of sweet since my dad has never shared a utensil with anyone before)
- My nephew, Joey, poking up from the pew during the baptism to yell out "does anyone have a red marker?"
- my other nephew, Tad, actually hitting the Deacon, who baptized Claudia, at the knees when introduced to him
- all the boys coming out of the church hall, into the church, stuffing donuts into their little mouths

In Captain Sullenberger's book, he mentions something very similar to this...his daughters were holding hands while walking and he looked at his wife to mention this. Apparently, the girls had been doing it for months. He realized that things slip by, and that is just how things are when you are a pilot.