Power struggle

I would say that I rule the roost, and I would imagine that most pilot wives rule their roost as well. We have to, especially when kids are in the picture.

Last night Steve got home after the kids went down. I was very thankful to have him home, since the last couple nights were rather rough with Cecilia's sleep. It was a very nice feeling to know that I wouldn't have to wake and tend to Cecilia when she woke.

Around 3:30am Cecilia woke up. Steve went into the nursery and gave her a pacifier. The next hour was a blur to me since I was in and out of sleep. I am not sure if Steve stayed in the nursery, came back to bed, what? But, at 4:30am after an hour of still not being settled I went in, nursed her, and she went down like a champ.

At one point in that blurry hour Steve blurted out "this is it...I am just going to give her her stupid pacifier and if she loses it she is just going to have to cry-it-out". You see, I think Cecilia is addicted to the pacifier and when she drops it and wakes up she can't put herself back to sleep.

After Steve blurted out the cry-it-out comment I immediately overrode him and told him that we would NOT be crying-it-out. Over the last couple of days I have been reading on what approach I need to take with her, especially since crying-it-out does not work. I am going to start this new process tonight.

So, here comes power struggle between me, the ruler of our roost, and Steve, a father that wants the best for his children.

When I am with the kids day in and day out I know how they tick. The behavior of a child can change overnight it seems, so when Steve gets home from a 4-day trip he is a couple steps back and needs a bit of time to get back in the groove. By this afternoon I am sure we will be back in step with one another and the power struggle will be over.


  1. get the book ... the no-cry sleep solution ...
    it worked beautifully for us and gave my pilot husband something with data to read and follow. as the wife of a pilot ... you have to be most comfortable with whatever road you choose ... you will be the one implementing it on a daily basis!
    good luck!

  2. read it...the problem is that she can go to sleep okay even without the paci. But, she wakes up in the middle of the night. I can get her down okay, it is just trying to make her sleep straight through the night. I sped through the book, does it address this issue?

    And yes, I totally agree...I am the one implementing it, so I need to be the most comfortable, for sure!


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