will it work out this time?

We have a lot going on this weekend.

Friday night: Ben has swimming class
Saturday night: my mom's 60th birthday party/dinner (3 hours away from our house)
Sunday: my niece is being baptized.

Don't forget to add these items to the mix: big winter storm coming through, I am still recovering from being sick, Ben is on meds for an ear infection, and CC has RSV. Oh, not to mention that Steve has an early AM show at the airport Sunday morning. The early show means that we will have to drive two cars on the three hour trip, and he will have to leave at "O-dark-30" on Sunday morning to drive to the airport.

He has been watching open time to see if he can trade trips around so that he can enjoy the dinner and possibly come to the baptism, and nothing. I am putting my faith in the old saying of "things always have their way of working out".

Here is some history to this:
- on the day of our co-ed baby shower Steve was supposed to work. 2 days prior to his trip he got a call from the airline and they "bought" the trip back from him since a FO was on IOE and his captain needed to train the FO (or something like that).
- on the day I went into labor with Ben, Steve was in Puerto Rico and had been for two days. His first leg of the day was to EWR, and I called him to tell him I was having contractions when he landed. Since I was 37 weeks I didn't make a big deal of it. Steve called his awesome chief pilot, who told him that "you don't want to take any chances". They put him on positive space home, and got in in-time to take me to the hospital and to see our first child being born.

Keep your fingers crossed that things will work out!