The Cheating Pilot

When Steve and I started to date, I was a senior in college. The first wind I ever got of the stereotypical "cheating pilot" thing was while I was at work for my internship. We were all arriving into a conference room for a meeting and I was making small talk with a colleague. I mentioned that Steve was a pilot and her response was, "oh you better be careful". I was pissed. Steve was the last person I would ever think to cheat...until now.

Steve walked in the door last night from a 5-day trip.

One of the first things he said to me were words that I never wanted to hear come out of his mouth: "I got laid." My jaw hit the head started spinning...

Just kidding. Steve's pairing took him to Hawaii and since he flew the first LAX to Maui flight on the 737 there was a bit of a to-do upon arrival. In fact, the whole crew got laid.

Steve was being funny, and we had a laugh about it. I am sure he was rehearsing that one line on the way home. Heck, I am sure that most people come back from Hawaii and tell everyone that they "got laid".

Going back to the whole "to-do", I guess pictures were taken and whatnot. There is a good chance that Steve will be in the next airline magazine. If he is I will be sure to upload pictures...let's just hope he has a nice smile, and his shirt looks pressed.