Cool, or not cool?

What do you notice about pilots that approach your gate to check in for the flight? Grey hair for sure! I love seeing grey hair on pilots. I also notice their flight bags...the more banged up the better. Grey hair and old flight bags equal experience in my book, and since I don't care to fly all that much every little bit of reassurance helps. Oh, and I like seeing stickers all over flight bags too, but for a different reason. The stickers show a little personality in a world of uniforms.

Now, what if you saw this hanging off your pilots roll-aboard:

Last summer Steve had his old cooler/lunch sac stolen out of the crew room. Great find for the a$$hole that took it - got some granola bars and dirty earplugs., I finally found a cooler/lunch sac for Steve. He has taken it on the last couple trips, and he really likes it.

The main reason he takes it is because he wants to eat healthy on the road. He has recently started training for a half-marathon and you can't really train properly with an unhealthy diet. On the road there are limited options to eat healthy. He can only eat so many subway sandwiches, so bringing stuff from home gives him more options to eat healthy. Sure it saves him a bit of money...eating out of his bag for lunch costs a lot less, and is more healthy, than getting a piece of pizza. Or, bringing an orange from home doesn't cost him $1, or whatever the going price is for an orange these days.

But, what do passengers think when they see their pilot carrying a cooler? Would you even notice? I am curious.