Hello? Did you hear me? That is a pilot for you!

This blog post is inspired by The Bachelor episode when Jake's dad met Tenley. On one web board that I follow, the comment was made that Jake's dad was a "man of few words". I agree, and I don't think my impression was due to television editing.
My response to the "man of few words" comment is this: that is a pilot for you!

The other day we were getting on the highway and passed a Big Boy restaurant. Here was our conversation:

Me: oh, Big Boy closed. I read it in the paper the other day.

30 seconds later...

Me: did you hear me?
Steve: yes, I did.
Me: why didn't you reply?
Steve: what am I supposed to say?
Me: I don't know...anything...even a "uh-huh"...anything to acknowledge that I just said something.

Most people would have immediately responded to me and a conversation would have continued about: the restaurant, businesses closing, the economy...the topics are endless.

This wasn't the first, and won't be the last, time this happened. I know I am not the only pilot wife dealing with this.

My take on the situation:
#1. pilots speak to a radio all day long, so over time I think their social interaction with people suffers
#2. while at work and on the radios, pilots are forced to respond to each and every thing with ATC, so when they get home they rebel (same reason a pilot grows facial hair while not working, but that is another topic).


  1. Oh my goodness! My husband does the same thing! I get so frustrated sometimes! Like you said, he can at least acknowledge I just said something! :)
    And my husband doesn't shave when he's home either!


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