In search of a pilot friendly home

We are house hunting. We have been in our house for 8 years now, and it is time to move into something bigger.

My parents were up this weekend and we were talking about houses, moving, ect. At one point we were talking about having a mudroom. My dad suggested that we turn our 2 car garage into a one car garage with a drop zone. Not.gonna.happen.


Since Steve is gone all the time I can't and won't give any obvious signs to outsiders of when he is or is not home. At the end of the day, our garage is shut and no one knows whose car is inside. If we had a one car garage it would be obvious that the lack of Steve's car meant that he was not home. Heck, I even get a bit nervous in the winter when there is just one set of tire tracks up the driveway.

Our current house is on a corner lot. Anyone walking/driving down our side street can see the back of our house. Some people may not like it, but I do. I like to think that an intruder would stay away from our house since there is a lot of exposure.

We found a great house, on a wonderful lot, but we found it too late (I am still trying to get over this). The location was perfect, as was the lot. But, one thing that did scare me was the deep woods in the back:

Someone could come into the back and never be seen. That scared me. I would have had to have security lights everywhere back there. Now, if Steve were home every night it would have never been a concern. But I have to worry about these things.

Another thing is a first floor master. Growing up we rarely used the air conditioning in the house, and this has extended into my adult life. Pair that with a cheap pilot, and we are a perfect couple who rarely uses our air conditioning. That said, a lot of houses have first floor masters, and I want to stay away from that. I love sleeping with the windows open at night, and the windows on the first floor are always shut when Steve is gone.

One last thing that makes for a pilot friendly house are great neighbors. Our neighbors now are fabulous. They have done anything from mow our grass to snow blow our driveway, to come over at 10pm to help fix a broken sump pump. People around us know that Steve is gone a lot, and go out of the way to help out when I need it. And for this I am extremely thankful.

Now, let's just hope that it doesn't take too long to find the perfect pilot friendly house.