We got the house!!! Yes, my highest and best did it...and we got it! These next couple weeks are going to be crazy as we are trying to get our house up for sale, as well as get all the initial stuff with the new house up and going. Due to all this, I am not sure how my blog will be doing, so bare with me :)

Last night I was cleaning out our master bedroom. I am purging, consolidating and packing. How can two people accumulate so much stuff?! AGH! And this is just the beginning! As I was working in our cabinet what did I discover? Five bottles of Steve's cologne. FIVE BOTTLES! For the record, I have one bottle of perfume (Estee Lauder Beautiful, which reminds me of my grandmother). He had FIVE!

Why is this shocking? Pilots don't wear cologne. I guess it is some unwritten rule that when they are working they don't stink up the little cockpit with cologne. Now, things like scented deodorant and even after shave is okay, but I guess cologne is a no-no. No one wants to be trapped in a little space with a strong scent hovering over you.

So, out whet four bottles of his never used cologne, and I kept one bottle. Oh, for the record, I called him to ask him which ones I should throw out, but he didn't answer his phone. So, since I am the ruler of this roost and all, I tossed four bottles and kept his newest and best (Polo Black).