I have said it before, and I will say it again - I am not a pilot and I have never flown a plane, but from what I gather the job is somewhat mundane. A pilot gets dressed in the same uniform for work, down to the tie, socks and shoes. A pilot gets on the same crew bus from the parking lot to the airport. A pilots gets on the same equipment type time and time again and flies to destinations that they have been to many times before. Yes, Maui is beautiful, but after you have been there three times in a month it is just another destination. A pilot gets on another bus at the end of the day to go to a familiar hotel and gets into an ordinary hotel room.

Not to say that a pilot won't encounter interesting and exciting things throughout their day, but on a 'typical' day it is pretty mundane. I would love to elaborate on these "interesting and exciting things", but Steve rarely talks about work at home so I can't really share anything.

So, imagine the shock when, after another ordinary 5-day trip, Steve saw me, Ben and Cecilia waiting for him at the airport when he got in!

It was a Sunday afternoon and we didn't have anything planned for the day, so I decided that Ben, Cecilia and I would take a field trip to the airport. We drove over to a parking lot to watch the "big panes" (as Ben would say) land and take off. Then we parked the car, toured baggage claim, the ticket counter, and watching fuel trucks and tugs hard at work out the window while we waited for daddy to come out. The field trip would have been much more fun if we would have been able to get past TSA, but such is life nowadays.

We knew a flight had arrived since there was a steady stream of people making their way out the exit. All the sudden I spotted a black jacket and black hat walking, almost sprinting, out the door. "Daddy", I shouted. "DADDY!" And Steve looked over at us!

What a surprise! He picked Benny up, gave him a big hug and we talked about what we saw at the airport. At one point Steve put his hat on Ben's head...wish I would have had a camera for that one.

The crew bus was waiting, so we walked Daddy out to the bus and watched him pull away. I knew Steve was happy to end his trip this way. What would have been a mundane trip, ended with a little treat that he will probably remember for a good while. And isn't that what life is about...little things here and there that put a big smile on your face.