I think I will always remember this story: years and years ago Steve came home from work one evening around dinnertime. He walked into the house, went into the bedroom and started to change his clothes. Since dinner was ready, I asked him what he wanted to drink. His response "I don't care." "Oh, come on" I said, "do you want water, milk, juice, beer." He looked me straight in the eye and said "Joanna, I have made so many decisions today that I do NOT want to make any more!"

I believe this was the first time I realized how rough being a pilot can be. I think he was dodging weather all day long, and had five legs to fly. Needless to say, the minute he walked into the door his brain turned off - he was spent!

Why do I bring this up? Because I am finished with making decisions too! As I was driving to the new house to meet with a glass guy regarding this window:

I was talking to Steve about getting our interior designer out to the house to give me final approvals on carpet and vinyl selections. His response "do we really need to bring her out again?" I said "Steve, I would hate to get carpet laid and hate the color yes, she is coming! I am DONE making decisions about the house. I want her to just tell me what to do!" Now, I am spent.

Anytime I ask Steve about this or that, when it comes to design things, he usually responds with "I don't care." He is more concerned with the mechanical things about the house...the loose railing, the amateur electrical work in the basement, the removal of the plate rail in the kitchen, ect. So, a lot of the time I am the one making the design decision. I am tired of making decisions. All the big ones are almost made, so soon enough this will all be a memory and we will be in a great house...because of all the design decisions I have made!