Do you consider yourself lucky?

The airline that Steve flies for has been in the news lately. We just bought a new house, our dream house, and the possibility of moving the next couple years is real. Will it happen? Who knows. But, we aren't going to think about what could happen. We are going to live in the here and now and enjoy every minute in the house. We will try not to think about what could happen, but concentrate on what is happening.

In talking everything over, the word "luck" came up. I think that Steve has been lucky when it comes to where he is in his career. Steve's rise to where he is has been a lot of hard work on his part, and also some good timing, or luck.

I met Steve when he was working a corporate job. He was laid off from that job since the company closed the flight department. He was probably quite upset (this was at the very beginning of our relationship so the details of everything didn't really sink in), but that job loss led to a job at a regional airline.

He flew at the regional for a number of years, including during the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He was a captain at the time of the attacks, and was downgraded to a first officer in all the fallout...but, he still had a job. He flew there for a couple more years, all the while having the desire to fly mainline.

Then, as perfect timing/luck would have it, he got a job at a mainline carrier. As in most cases, it is all "who you know", and I made a great connection that got Steve in at a good time. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Slovakia from 2000-2001 and I made some amazing friends. One of which had a great connection for Steve. Now, when I was leaving for Peace Corps and Steve had to say goodbye to me (at gate 26 or 27...a gate that he always passes and thinks of saying goodbye to me) he would not have ever thought of the word "luck" when it came to Peace Corps. But, six years later he can now put the words luck and Peace Corps in the same sentence.

Steve has been laid off and he has been downgraded, so his road hasn't been super easy. But, overall he is at a very good place and he is happy.

Some people may find themselves unlucky in life and career, but I think luck has been on our side. ***and watch that now I have written about our luck, things will switch around...let's hope not!***


  1. I agree, luck, timing, and who you know plays a big part in the aviation industry. Obviously our luck and timing has been kind of off! My hubby also got hired at the airline because of me- funny how that happens, huh?? My dad's college friend is a 777 check airman and recommended him! At first we felt kind of weird about it, but when he got to training he was the most experienced guy in his class (some people in the class had never even flown a jet!) and most of the other guys were sons or nephews of current pilots, so the nepotism runs pretty deep there! Anyway, I hope the good continues for you guys. I always say to prepare for the worst and hope for the best :)


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