feeling overwhelmed

To be balanced with this blog, I need to write about the good and the bad about being the wife of a pilot. Yesterday was a bad day of being the wife of a pilot. Most days things run smoothly and all is well, but yesterday I felt incredibly overwhelmed.

The day started with Steve telling me that our closing date may be pushed back. For our closing we had to deal with some financial logistical things, and Steve was a bit behind the ball on this. This should have been taken care of about two weeks ago, and now we are really feeling the pressure of this. I have mentioned it before, and I will say it again, I am the captain of our ship. This logistical stuff was something out of my control since it was Steve's responsibility, and I think that is why this situation is bothering me so much.

Next, we got a quote for carpet in the new house. For materials and labor it will be about $6,500 - $7,000. This was a bit more than we were expecting, but we have to remind ourselves that this new house is 2656 sqft...so any quotes are going to be expensive since there is a lot of space. I don't even want to think about what a roof quote will be (did I mention that there are three, no, four roofs on the house!). So, Steve and I started talking about other flooring options. In a perfect world I would have hardwood flooring in my entire house, and not just in the foyer/kitchen/dining room like we had planned. This carpet quote got us thinking about flooring in an entire new direction...after weeks and weeks of thinking carpet. I felt like all the leg work we did for the carpet, which included selecting carpet types, ordering samples, having a designer pick color choices, were all done for no reason.

Not to mention, in the last two days I have sent out checks for utility start-up and daycare registration. Oh, and I have also arranged for babysitting for Friday which is when we are signing papers on the new house. I also work 28 hours a week...and care for the kids...and keep the house when Steve is gone.

Yes, overwhelmed is very much what I have been feeling.

Steve gets in today at 14:14. When I pick the kids up and arrive home I am going to drop the kids off and run away...run far away. No, not really. But I am going to be hands OFF as much as possible tonight. Dinner is in the crock pot, so that is pretty much taken care of. Steve will handle bath time...and Ben's bedtime...and then when Cecilia is down I am going out to shop and just release some energy. Mama needs it.

This overwhelming stuff will all pass. Once we are settled into our new house, this will all be a distant memory. Hell, if I can get through Steve's: training, commuting, studying for PCs, reserve, and missed holidays, then I can get through this!