more $ for extra legroom = nice seats for nonrevs

Work took me to Daytona Beach last week, and Steve came down with me (we left the kids with grandma and grandpa).

I was a revenue passenger so I knew I was getting on my flights, no problem. The boarding totals were close for both legs, but no worries for Steve since the jump seat was always an option.

After I boarded the plane yesterday to come home, I waited for Steve to pass me (I was in 5A). About 15 people later Steve passed me. I asked him what row he was sitting in, and it was the exit row! A prized seat for someone in economy since it has extra leg room.

Low and behold, Steve ended up getting an exit row seat for both legs of the trip. Apparently airlines are now charging extra for getting this prized seat, so it is the last to fill up. This is a good thing for a non-rev. Usually, we are stuck in the middle. So, things might be starting to look up for us :)

*** the quirky thing about all this is that Steve had an empty seat next to him on our way back, and yet he didn't invite me to sit next to him. Usually couples/families like to travel sitting next to one another. Not us! It is a good thing when we are apart. Although my husband is an airline pilot, I can be a nervous flyer. In short...I know a little too much information, but not enough to really know what is doing on. So, this makes me nervous at times.

When we sit next to each other I often times will look at him when we hit a bump or I hear an unfamiliar noise. I figure he knows everything about everything when it comes to flying, so he is my go-to for questions/concerns/panic moments. Our flight down to Florida was quite uncomfortable for good reason other than thoughts in my head...and after I told Steve he responded with "good thing we weren't sitting together because I was VERY relaxed". Very relaxed with all that extra leg room, I bet.