I don't think one can find any other industry that has more acronyms than aviation. I clearly remember my first encounter with acronyms: Steve and I were at our friends house (Dave is a pilot, of course), and his wife mentioned something about Dave's FO.  I had no clue what that meant (it means First Officer), and it is one of the most basic - everyone should know - acronym out there.  What a newbie I was!

Over the years I have learned a good number of these, the latest one being ETOPS (I think that is what it is).  What does it stand for? I can't tell you exactly, but I sort of know what it is all about.  I know that Steve had to go to ETOPS training so that he can fly to Hawaii, so it has something to do with flying over the Pacific.  For grins, here is a list from the FAA if you are interested in looking at the vast amounts of acronyms.   Oh, not to mention all the airport codes out there....they can make your head spin! You know you are a pilot wife when you talk in airport codes, like "hey, we are flying into MCO and we could love to see you guys sometime". 

As I mentioned yesterday, Steve had his trip bought back.  So, last night he pulled out his contract just to understand FBO.  When he mentioned "FBO" I said "fixed based operator? What does that have anything to do with getting your trip bought back"  He looked at me and laughed.  To me a FBO is a place that airplanes go to fuel up, so I didn't know what he was talking about.

But, in his context FBO means "flown by operations"., not only does aviation have hundreds and hundreds of acronyms, but they even double them up. 

Give me a break!  How can I keep all these straight?  I guess I will just keep chugging along and trying to pick up a couple new ones a year.