don't go to sleep angry with one another - but with an aviation twist

What is one line you hear over and over when it comes to marital advice? "Don't go to bed angry with one another." Which, I always thought was bullshit. I think that if you are angry you need to be angry...yes, work things out, but don't rush to get your emotions in order before sundown.

Now, for the aviation twist: "don't leave for a trip angry with one another." This is precisely what happened on Sunday...and it sucks. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it just plain sucks. As a matter of fact, this may just be the second or third time since we have been together that this has happened.

Why does it suck? You hate to say goodbye being mad thinking that, God forbid, it is your last goodbye. But at the same time you are angry, and you have to feel can't rush your feelings simply based on the fact that you have to reconcile before he leaves. So, Steve left on a trip and not all was right in the world...I just said a little prayer that he would be safe and that we didn't just have our last goodbye.

As a side, I don't think about Steve's plane crashing much at all but the thought is always on the back burner. There were actually just two times that I was honest-to-goodness scared for him...once was when he flew into Mexico for the first time and the radar wasn't picking up his flight. So, when his little airplane icon wasn't moving I was freaking out because I thought his flight crashed. Again, it was the first time he was in Mexico and so I never tracked a flight there before - a idle airplane icon doesn't mean anything about the location of the plane...I now know. The other time was when a friend called the house to check up on Steve since his airline had a plane that had a tire blowout and made an emergency landing, or something like that. For a split second I thought it could have been Steve (he was around some "M" city, and the tire blowout flight was around some other "M" city). The cities all run together and it got me worried thinking that his flight was in trouble...his friend kept reassuring me "the flight landed safely...don't worry, he is okay", but I couldn't help but be upset. Actually, come to think of it...I think his flight and the tire blowout flight were in the same city. It was just that Steve was going to x destination and the other was going to Y destination....yeah, I think that was it. I even think Steve could have heard the tire blowout on the radio - I forget the details. But, I clearly remember being shaken, literally. His friend felt horrible that he got me upset, but he was concerned and I appreciate that.

Just to settle every one's worried minds, Steve and I are all better. It actually took a couple of days to reconcile...making up while on the road isn't easy, but I guess that could be my next blog post. All is back right in our little world. I guess in the aviation world we should change that one-liner to: don't leave for a trip angry with one another.