don't laugh at me!

We just got back from a great family vacation!  We went to Isle of Palms in South Carolina.  Overall the trip was great and we had tons of fun.  Instead of making the 12-13 hour drive down there, we decided to fly.  There were no direct flights, so we had to make a connection.  The loads looked fine so we decided we should take advantage of Steve's pass privileges.

Here is Ben during the first leg:

And here is CC:

Ben really enjoyed the flights. He was rather well behaved and loved looking out the window.  As for CC, well she was pretty much OUT the entire flight.  Our first flight was at O-dark-hundred, so it was a VERY early morning.  I think Steve and I got 2-3 hours of sleep.  But, that is okay since we were headed off for vacation!!!!

Now, where did I get the title for this post?  This is a direct quote from me during our first leg.  Steve and Ben sat in the two seats in front of me and CC.  We were about a minute away from touching down, just a couple hundred feet above the ground, the landing gear was down.  All the sudden the plane did this swoosh-swoosh thing and we went side and side and up and down.  I grabbed the seat back in front of me and said in a panic "STEVE!!!!!"...and what did he do? Looked at me and laughed.  Not funny! 

"Joanna, you have to understand that a plane isn't just going to fall out of the sky," he said to me trying to make me feel okay.  Okay, so a plane won't fall out of the sky from a little bit of wind, but I don't like feeling like I am on a roller coaster!  Of course, we touched down and all was good.

I have said it before: Steve really doesn't talk about work much at all.  When I ask how his flight was he always says "uneventful."  Sometimes I get "a little bumpy."  So after the swoosh-swoosh thing, this was our dialogue:
Me: "does this ever happen to you?"
Steve: "sure."
Me: "do the pilots talk about that after it happens?"
Steve: "sure, they might say "woah, a little windy"" (or something like that)

So, apparently what can freak out a passenger has almost no baring on a seasoned pilot.  I get no sympathy from him when I have a nervous flight.  He doesn't understand my anxiety, as I can understand since flying is second nature to him.  But, don't laugh at me for goodness sake.