The PC

The PC...the dreaded PC...the once a year test Steve has to prepare for weeks in advance...the once a year time that Steve is totally distracted with the weight of this test...ugh!

The PC, or proficiency check (I believe) is a "test" that each pilot has to take: annually for first officers and twice a year for captains.  They have to go to the training department and get in the simulator and have all sorts of emergencies given to them.  There also maybe some oral tests, maybe a written test...I am not sure.  All I know is that Steve is preparing for it a long time in advance and is always glad when it is over.

What is the purpose of this?  Well, in my own words, this gives pilots scenarios that may happen when flying the line(like engine failure) and it makes sure they stay sharp on their skill set.  Most pairings are totally uneventful, but a pilot must always be prepared!  I have never been in a simulator before, but from what I gather they are pretty realistic.  I think Steve has told me before that there have been times in the sim where his heart was racing and palms were is that real.

Now, what happens if a pilot fails a PC?  Not sure.  Steve has always passed his, and I hope we never have it any different.