Things that go bump in the night

We have lived in this house for eight years, so I am very familiar with all the typical house noises going on here.  This is very reassuring seeing how I am here a lot with just the kids.  Our house is wonderful and I am never scared in it, ever.  Well, last night I was reading Ben his night time stories when all the sudden I head a not-typical noise that startled was like something had fallen.

I put the book down and nearly ran downstairs - my heart starting to beat faster -but, not before opening the nursery door to make sure Cecilia was safe.  Lexi was laying in her usual spot in the dining room.  I turned the corner and Cali was laying in the family room.  The dogs are a great indication of something gone bad, as they are very alert and would bark or become excited if something strange was up.

So, the dogs were not startled.  Mmmm, I thought, what could it be?  I figured since the dogs weren't alerted that it must have been from upstairs.  I looked into the spare bedroom thinking it was the portable crib that was in the closet...nope, that was normal.  The bathroom was normal.  What did I hear?  I went back to reading books to Ben, and went on with my night.

Later on, I opened my closet door to find this:
Ah, the source of the noise!  I wasn't losing my mind!

Basically some clip thing broke which took down the rod.  I am assuming it is an easy fix.  I am, however, leaving this for Steve to repair...I just don't have the energy.