battle of the sleep deprived parents...round 1

The dreaded red-eye...

Steve got in Thursday morning from flying a red-eye.  He got home when I was still in bed, around 7:15am.  He got out of his uniform which smelled like that orange-ginger Marriott lotion - yuck! 

***Why do I hate that lotion?  I am actually quite sensitive to smells.  The year before we conceived Ben we went on four trips (Alaska, Paris, Poland and St. John).  One day we will get back to traveling like this...ahhhhh!  For our Paris trip we flew into EWR the night before our Paris flight, spent the morning/afternoon in NYC and then flew to Paris that night.  I forgot lotion on the trip, so after I showered the morning of our Paris leg I used the hotel lotion.  It was that orange ginger crap and all I could smell on the flight over was that orange ginger crap.  Anytime Steve gets home and smells like that crap lotion I always throw his pants in the wash ASAP.  I don't know why I hate that stuff so much, but I do. ***

Anyway, so Steve gets home, gets out of his uniform, crawls into bed and tries to catch a second of sleep.  I was leaving for work around 7:45a and we arranged for a babysitter to come around 9am.  Steve took a bit of a nap while the babysitter was here, and he felt pretty good.  He said that he actually slept about 6 hours before his red-eye, so he felt pretty good.

The day went along as normal.  I got home, we had supper and then Steve crashed on the overstuffed chair in the family room.  I took the kids on a walk and we stopped out the neighbors so Ben and CC could play.  Ben pooed his diaper, and he needed changed ASAP.  So, off to home we went.  We needed to go home anyway since it was getting late and bedtime was right around the corner.

Well, we get home and I noticed that Ben's shorts were wet...this was going to be a big deal.  We were gone maybe 45 minutes and I thought Steve may be up when we got back.  Nope.  As a matter of fact he moved from the chair to the couch, for more comfort I assume.  I let him sleep since the day of a red-eye is always rough.

Ben, CC and I headed up to the bathroom.  Ben went into the tub, ready for me to hose him off...CC was crawling around on the bathroom floor.  I was doing something (probably trying to fold up Ben's diaper to prevent any leakage) and all the sudden CC touches Ben's dirty bum-bum.  "CC, NO!!!"  I had to wash her good, all the while making sure Ben doesn't slip in the tub...all the while Steve is snoozing downstairs. "I can do this and not lose my mind."

The kids went down and Steve and I had an early night, which is typical when he gets in from a red-eye.

The next morning I asked if Steve would wake up with the kids.  I was tired.  One, CC is recovering from an ear infection, and as pattern would have it her roughest night was when Steve was gone.  It was like the newborn weeks,you!  I was t-i-r-e-d.  Two, I busted ass one day, HARD, to get the house ready for a quick show.  Yes, I cleaned the house AND mowed our lawn in about 1 hour.  I do rock.  Three, anytime Steve gets home I switch from single-mom mode to having help mode.  I was ready to relax a bit.

So, here is where the title of the post comes in. Who was going to sleep in, the sleep deprived parent or the sleep deprived pilot?  Steve got up with the kids.  Maybe not with a smile on his face, but he knew I needed the sleep - bless his heart.