delays don't just effect passengers

Steve just got in from a 4-day trip.  He left on Sunday morning. 

Let me recap what happened since he left:
(keep in mind that goes without saying that I care for our two kids and work outside of the home)
- painted the foyer in the new house
- mowed the lawn at our current house
- woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was going to get sick
- woke up Monday morning feeling fine, but exhausted
- started my period...and you ladies know how that always sets your mood!
- my mother in law, who was staying with us to watch the kids, got sick
- had to figure out last minute daycare since the kids weren't scheduled at school...they pulled through and are AWESOME!
- rushed home after work and prepared the entire house for a showing
- picked up kids and headed to new house...this is when my father in law started to get sick
- cleaned up my father-in-law's vomit that was sprayed in the powder room and into the kitchen
- got home yesterday from work and proceeded try to disinfect the entire house which included Lysol spray, washing sheets, cleaning toilets, spraying couches, Lysol wipes.
- dealt with a Ben poop accident, not to mention dealing with poo accidents from school
- scheduled MD appointment for the kids (wellness checks)
- was told by a contractor that our new house furnace was broken, so got that scheduled
- tried to figure out family events in August like birthday parties and boating weekends, and floor installation

Needless to say, these last four days have been very busy.  Oh, not to mention Steve was out of the country with no cell phone service.  So, I had to deal with all these things myself. Last night Steve was scheduled to get in at 7:10p.  Well, that wasn't going to happen.  Steve's plane was coming in from Boston and it was held up for some reason.  Rather then walking in the door last night at 8:30p, he walked in the door at 1:35am.

So, next time you are sitting at the airport delayed for this reason or that reason. Think of me.  Think of Steve.  All he wanted to do was get home.  All I wanted was some relief from my 4 days of hell.  Yes, if you are delayed you are pissed.  But, have some heart towards your crew members who probably want to get home that much more than you.  They have been gone for 4 days and miss their spouses and kids.  They miss sleeping in their own beds. And have a heart toward me, who just wanted my pilot home.