not working = facial hair

I don't know exactly what the employee handbook says, but I do know that Steve is not able to have facial hair aside from a mustache only to the corners of his mouth, and side burns no lower than his ears (I think it is his ears).  So, that means that every day that Steve works he shaves, and every day he does not work he does not shave.  I am sure that Steve is not the only pilot that does this. 

What does that mean when he does not work for a long period of time?  A beard.  Ewww.  After being with him for over 11 years now, he has made me accustomed to a clean shaven man.

Day 1 of vacation:

4 days later (I never got a decent picture of him towards the end of the vacation, so this is the best I can do)

Another, more obvious example, is when Ben was born.  Steve actually was on a trip when I went into labor, and had to get an emergency drop.  So, earlier this day he was in uniform.

Here he is a couple weeks later.  I guess he was just going for the goatee.  And yes, that is Steve and Ben in our powder room.  Ben was colic, and the white noise of the fan helped calm him.

And then here Steve is right before he shaved for Ben's baptism at 4 weeks old.  

Now, for CC's timeline.  Please excuse my bad picture...I did just push out a nearly 8 pound baby just a couple hours earlier - with NO drugs I might add.  Give a woman a break.

And then before he went back to work.  This is the best picture I can know how it goes, you take a million pictures of your first and then only about a hundred of your second:

So, there you have it: the story of Steve's facial hair.  I am sure he is going to be thrilled that I am posting all these pictures of him.

Ah, he will be REALLY thrilled with this next one.  In 2004 he was Lt. Dangle for Halloween.  He did a decent job of growing out his 'stach.  I actually think he sported this style a bit at work (since it was allowed) as it was growing in.  Man, was I glad to see that thing shaved off!


  1. That last picture is my favorite - hilarious!!

  2. That was Ruth, by the way, who made that comment - there was nowhere to put my name! :)

  3. Ruth - if you think the face shot is hilarious, I should show you a full body shot...those shorts were t-i-g-h-t! But, I will restrain myself so Steve isn't too horribly embarrassed.


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