shit always happens when Steve is gone

I spent all day Saturday painting the ceilings in the new house.  Painting ceilings suck...the change is minimal, but necessary, and the ceilings are just endless.  But, I am proud to say that all 2656sqft of ceilings are now painted. 

Doah! I forgot to close the dining room windows, and I remembered this while we were eating dinner at our "old house."  Back to the house we all went...

Ben played in the great room, I took CC on a walk in her new little pink car that she got for her birthday (thanks grandma), and Steve replaced the light in the mudroom.  Once we got back into the car, not 20 minutes after we arrived, Steve told me he wasn't feeling well.  Uh oh!  Remember a couple weeks ago?

Sure enough, Steve got sick again.  This time it was x3.  After that third time, he told himself  "if I get sick again, I am going to call off sick." Well, he didn't get sick again and he went off to work.

Sunday night I woke up in the middle of the night not feeling the greatest.  I never got sick, but still felt badly.  I thought it was because I painted the foyer in the new house and it was hot, then I mowed our lawn and it was hot.  I thought I just over did it with the heat. But, that probably wasn't the case...I, too, was struck with the reoccurring virus. 

Last night I woke up to the sound of my mother-in-law (MIL) getting sick.  As a side: my in-laws are up to help us same money on the cost of daycare while we foot two mortgage payments.  When I walked downstairs to get CC a bottle this morning, my MIL was NOT in any condition to watch the kids.  So, plan to school the kids went.

So, tonight we have a showing tonight at 6:30.  After work I will rush home, get the house ready, then get the kids and off to the new house to eat dinner and maybe take a bath.  So, I have a sick MIL, two kids and two dogs to handle tonight...all while having to prepare our house for a showing...all while Steve is gone.

When Steve gets home tomorrow night at 19:10, I will be wearing a sign that reads: officially OFF DUTY!