A good number of years ago my sister gifted Steve a pair of Ray Bans. From that gift on, he has been hooked.  Steve in said sunglasses, during our OBX trip in 2008:

They served him many, many years.  The other month he informed me that these glasses broke, right at the nose. Bummer!  So, for his anniversary/father's day gift I wanted to get him a new pair.  I am now in the train of thought that good glasses are just a part of his uniform.  He needs them, and he needs good ones.  He can fly up to 6 hours at a time, and comfort is necessary.

I went to the SunglassHut one day at lunch with the intention of getting a pair of Ray-Ban aviators.  But, after seeing these in person I wasn't too thrilled.  #1 a lot of the aviators actually had polarized lenses, which you can't have when flying (something about not being able to see the screens in the cockpit, or something like that).  The only ones they had were the gold frame with the black lenses...not my favorite color combo.  #2 Steve doesn't like to announce to the world that he is a pilot.  When asked directly what he does he will say, but he never volunteers it.  You see, when he says he is a pilot lots of questions can follow.  Yes, he has a tattoo of wings, but that is almost always covered up. And what better way to announce you are a pilot than aviator glasses. 

So, off to look for an alternative.  Steve runs, and once mentioned that he would like to get some sport glasses.  The salesman and I made our way over to the Oakley area.  After thinking through some options, I ultimately settled on these...a great combo for work and running:

They are Oakley Whisker, black rimmed with black mirrored lenses.  Steve was swimming all around the pool on our vacation wearing those and they never slipped.  I am not sure if he has run with them yet, but if a pool of water doesn't shake them, then I am sure running with them would be comfortable.  They also don't have a curved earpiece, so they don't hit that pressure point behind your ear.  He really likes them!