having a week off

Steve's schedule typically follows a pattern, but sometimes it strays a bit...like now.  He is in the mist of having about 7 days off from work.   Yes, that is right...7 days!  This isn't vacation, this was luck.  I think his strategy for this month was to bid 2 and 3 day trips, rather than 4-day trips, and it paid off!  Their bidding system isn't easy, and after many years he is still figuring out tricks. I think he is onto something with this!

Let's talk about how much I love him being home for this long:
- he was home on Sunday.  I miss him the most when he is gone on Sunday.  Sunday is a family day, and yesterday he was home.  Well, he was actually working at the new house, but at least he was in the same state.  With my uncle, they installed the new front door yesterday.  This is the only picture I have of the project.  The new door and sidelights are in, and the trim is the last thing that needs done.  Please note that all the landscaping shown will be torn out.  I take pride in our garden, and what is there now is just NOT my doing.

before (showing the reason why we needed a new front door...rot that they tried to repair with masking tape!)


after, but still not final...obviously:

- I will have help putting the kids to bed every day this week!  That is right folks...every single day!  love it!  Once I put CC down at 6:30p, that means I have the rest of the evening to do whatever I want! maybe I will get a pedicure this week or go shopping...perhaps both!
 - We will have family dinner every day this week.  When Steve is gone we always have family dinner anyway, but this week we will have more than just flour tortillas and cheese with a side of fruit.  I will have the time to actually prepare things.  Our conversation will be more than just "So Ben, what books did you read today at school?" The conversation will be more in depth since it will be more than just two people speaking at a 3-year-old level.

- Ben will, hopefully, get adjusted to Daddy being home.  Since Steve is gone so much with either work or the new house, Ben is constantly asking "where is Daddy?"  Hopefully these questions will stop, and Ben and Daddy can get some QT.  Daddy and Ben have plans of going on a bike ride this evening!  Maybe they will stop off for some ice cream while they are at it. 

- I will get the kids ready for school with help every morning.  This is usually something I do myself, and by this point I have perfected it.  But four hands make faster work than two.  Oh, and this also means that I won't have to rush through my showers in the morning in fear that CC will become disengaged with the items in the cabinet and leave my sight from the shower.  Ah, a long shower in the morning...mama like!

- Steve will take out the trash and recycling to the curb!  When is the last time he did this?  I can't remember and I am sure he can't either...hell, he doesn't even know what day they come. 

- if we have any showings this week at our house, HE will be the one preparing for it, not me!  For the 3 dozen showings we have had, I have prepared for half of them...by myself!  Mama needs a break from showings.

- every night when both kids are down, Steve and I will sit in the family room or out on the patio (if the mosquitoes aren't too bad) and drink a beer or two, maybe some wine.  Perhaps, if we will sell our house this week we could pop open that bottle of champagne we are saving for that momentous occasion! one can daydream

- I will have someone to sleep next to every night this week.  I am sure some couples volunteering sleep in separate rooms, or some couples would love to have their bed to themselves for a night.  Nope, not me.  I much prefer him home!

Now, let me do some thinking for Steve.  What will he like the most about being home for 7 days?
- sleeping in his own bed ever night.  Now, I don't know if he would care that I will be next to him or not, but there is no place like home.
- spending time with Ben
- sitting in the family room watching tv...rather then lying on his hotel bed watching tv.
- watching the first season OSU Buckeye Game in our basement on our 50" HD plasma with surround sound.  I have already been warned that he is out of commission once the game starts.  Our basement will be sorely miss when we move. 

- sleeping with the windows open.  Remember, most hotels don't allow windows to be open.  The only place better than windows open at home, is windows open at the hotel in Miami or Hawaii while listening to the waves crash on the beach.
- eating home cooked food every night
- pulling clothes out of his closet and drawers, rather than a suitcase