JetBlue Flight Attendant Situation

Of course I am aware of the JetBlue Flight Attendant Situation.  Steve is on a trip now and we haven't really talked about it much (lots of early shows, late nights and time in the air, which means not a lot of phone time).  I am sure we will talk when he gets home.

I follow a great blog (Up Up & a Gay) and here are his thoughts on the situation.  I have to agree with him 100%. 

I won't really comment any more on the situation since the blog I mentioned did such a good job. 

But, one thing I will say is that there needs to be more respect in this world.  Under no circumstances should someone call another a "mother f'er."  That is just a weak attempt at being a bully.  Furthermore, when flying treat the people you encounter with kindness.  Like your mother taught you, say your "please" and "thank you"s and for fuck sake follow the rules!