never give details

Last weekend was boys weekend up at the boat.  My brother-in-law, nephews, Steve and Ben went up for a night.  I told Ben about the trip 4 days in advance...big mistake!  For 4 nights straight it was "I wanna sleep on the boat now!" Every day I had to constantly remind him that the boat wasn't today, but in a couple days.  Talk about bring a broken record.

Because Ben doesn't really know time yet, I never give him details of when Steve is getting home (he is actually driving home as I type this).  If I were up to me, Ben would have just woken up tomorrow morning, crawled into our bed and found daddy there, much to his surprise. 

Well, it wasn't up to me this time.  When Ben and Steve were talking on the phone around 4:30pm today, Steve said the words "I am coming home tonight, Bubba." Ben nearly threw the phone at me with excitement.

BIG MISTAKE!  Ben was constantly asking me when daddy will be home.  The dog would bark and he was yell out "DADDY!"  Getting him down was not easy this evening as he was constantly calling out for "DADDY!"  He is now in bed, supposed to be asleep, but I know he is awake and waiting for daddy to come home. 

I made it very clear to Steve that he is to never tell Ben when he is due home.  This will change eventually, but right now things are just much easier when Ben isn't totally clued into everything.


  1. That is so cute though that he is so excited to see Steve!! (many things are easier, though, when the kiddos aren't clued in!) :)


  2. you are so right! He has no clue that his birthday is tomorrow, or that his birthday party is Saturday. We will tell him about his party when people start arriving :)


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