pilots can have fun too

Steve got home last night from a 4-day.  Summertime = Ben going to bed later than usual.  Around 8:40p he yells up to me "mommy...mommy..." and I go up.  I knew he was stalling, but this is just a phase.  He was looking at the "green sky" (it was really pink, but whatever, he is still learning his colors).  Since Steve was due home in about 10 minutes I asked Ben if he would like to go out and wait for daddy.  I got a loud "YES" as the answer.  He didn't know Steve was due home, so he was very excited.

So, Ben and I went out and sat on our front stoop for about 10 minutes.  We saw a number of bat flying around, an airplane fly overhead, and were bit by a number of mosquitoes.  Sadly, Ben has taken after me and gets bit a lot, whereas Steve doesn't get bit at all.  Not fair!

As each car would pass I would ask Ben "is that Daddy?" and he was always answer "no."  Well, finally Steve pulled around the corner and into the driveway.  Ben was so excited (note: I really need to start taping these moments).  Steve just opened the door and Ben jumped into this lap.  After a huge hug Steve got out and went to his trunk to get his suitcase.  Ben helped roll it into the house.  The three of us went upstairs so Steve would change out of his polyester and into something with natural fibers, and Ben just talked and talked and talked.  Well, it was more "Daddy, today at school....um........ummmmmm....um..." His brain was running a mile a minute, but his little mouth couldn't process his words enough.  So cute!

Steve and Ben had some bonding time, I had some Internet time, and then Steve came down after he put Ben to bed.

Steve and I sat in the family room and just talked.  And this is where the title of "pilots can have fun too."  He was mentioning how he heard Buddy on the radio (Buddy is a friend from college).  Picture it: Steve taxing in from his trip, and Buddy taxing out for a trip.  The traffic was very light and over the radios Steve calls out "Bud--dddyyyyyy" and in response Steve got his nickname called back in a similar sing-songy manner.  

How cute.  Two men - two 35-year-old grown men - playing on the radios like kids.  How cute!