second job

Steve and I met my junior year in college. Yes, we met at a bar.  Yes, it was love at first sight for him. Yes, it really can happen that way.  This picture was taken the night we met.  Love always happens when you aren't looking for it, since meeting someone was the last thing on my mind that night.  I am the second from the left. 

When we met, Steve was flying corporate for a local company.  Soon after we met he was laid off and was hired by a regional airline.  When we met he was making okay money flying corporate.  When he went to the regional airline, I never really knew how little he was making.  $17k his first year, I think.  He always paid when we went out and finances weren't a topic of discussion, so I figured that things were okay .  Plus, I was one of the people who had no clue and thought pilots made tons of money.  After college I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, so that year we lived apart, obviously, and we weren't concerned with each other finances.  When I came home, we moved in together and I got a good job and was the primary breadwinner for a number of years. 

Where am I going with this?  Earnings were never an issue with us.  When Steve was making little money it was okay since we weren't living together.  When we were, I was making decent money and our DINK situation worked.  We are fortunate for the path we have been on.  There are a lot of pilots out there that can't support their families with their pilot salaries and have to get a second job. 

Again, you may ask where I am going with this? Well, we are just a couple of weeks away from moving into the new house.  We have lots of stuff to still do.  The big projects now are flooring in the dining room/kitchen and bathrooms.  I just painted the kitchen walls Sherwin Williams Garden Sage and I love it!  Props to my father who helped us out and ripped up the old flooring!  This is what the floors used to look like - yuck! Goodbye ugly sheet vinyl - hello hardwood flooring!

and here is a camera phone picture of the current status of the kitchen:

Steve has been home with us very little on his days off, since he is working at the new house so much.  It is as if he has a second job.  Steve hates to be working on his days off, I hate that I don't get a break with the kids, and the kids hate that daddy is gone all the time.  I am sure that this situation is similar with all pilot families where the pilot works two jobs.  The good thing about all this is that the light is at the end of the tunnel.  Soon this will all be distant memory and we will have a beautiful new home!

So, to all the pilot out there working two jobs: to you and your family I give you credit.  It can't be an easy thing to do.  I am just thankful that this is temporary and that soon it will be all over.