the cheap pilot

I just called our interior designer, Ellen Rady.  I love her.  She is truly gifted, and is making our house a home.  After we cut the last check to Ellen, Steve had some words with me about how much we have paid her in the last year.  I should clarify a bit, in the last year we had her: pick out the paint colors for our finished basement, stage our old house for sale, pick out the entire color scheme for the new house, flooring included.  We have used her a lot, and nothing is free.  I think that EVERY penny spent on her is well worth it.  But, Steve is a pilot, and pilots are cheap.  Steve truly does appreciate her, and loves her ideas too.  But, again, pilots are cheap and have a hard time parting with money.

I just called Ellen because I need her to: pick the exterior color scheme for the house and help choose window treatment ideas for our family room.  I also may just have her choose a rug for our dining room and light fixture for our dining room...I am SO indecisive about those things and Ellen is spot on!  Not to mention, Ellen wants to see the house now that most of the things are done. 

When Steve lands in a couple hours I hope he doesn't get too upset that I want her out at the house again.