Ben just turned 3.  He is in preschool and is starting to learn in a formal setting.  He is working on his numbers, letters, shapes and numbers. 

At his three year wellness visit, the MD asked me how is progress is with learning, including his colors.  It never dawned on me until that moment...Ben knows some colors fine, but with other colors he consistently says "I don't know."  Ever since then I have been keeping my eye on him and "testing" him.  Some colors he is okay with, and others he is not.  Apparently a cousin on my father's side is colorblind, so it runs in the family.  I still need to test him more, get his teachers involved, ect. to find out conclusively. 

If Ben is colorblind, he would not be able to be a pilot.  I should clarify, I read up a little on it and I guess he could fly planes but with restrictions.  But, this means that he wouldn't be able to be a commercial pilot.  I am not upset that Ben won't be able to follow in Daddy's footsteps.  In fact, part of me wants Ben to have a job that keeps him home with his family every night.  What bothers me most about this is that I want to offer the world to Ben.  I want to give him all the opportunities we can afford.  I want him to do what he wants...and if he is colorblind he won't be able to.  Let's hope that if Ben is able to follow all his dreams!


  1. Bubba is color-blind too. I guess Ben will just have to be a supermodel instead.

  2. Is he?! What age did you discover this? Was he just saying a lot of "I don't know" when you asked him about colors?

  3. I thought Anna was colorblind for a while because she had a really hard time at naming colors, but could do numbers, letters, etc. But, then I noticed that she would sort things by color into piles, meaning that she could tell when things were the same color, but just didn't know what colors they were. She eventually caught up, obviously. Maybe try that with Ben - see if he can sort things into piles of the same color.


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