how cool it is

** While Ben, CC and I were waiting our turn to tour the cockpit of the 737 at the Cleveland Air Show, I was making small talk with the FA that was volunteering her time to work the show.  Miss Kristen, as I referred to her in front of Ben, worked with Steve just a couple trips ago. We were talking about things here and there, and then she had to step away for a moment.

A man who overheard our conversation actually moved closer to me and said "so, you say you husband is a pilot?"  And I said "yup, as a matter of fact he is on a trip right now."  With a big smile on his face he said "that is so neat!" 

We talked a couple of minutes about where he learned how to fly, his career path, where he flies to, and all the other typical questions.  He was obviously very interested in our conversation.  It was actually quite refreshing to see such excitement about the job.

** I met our new neighbors a couple of weeks ago.  Bob and Wendy are my parents age and have kids my age.  They are lovely people!  Bob flies a lot for work, so when it came out that Steve was a pilot we had an instant topic for conversation.

Just last week I ran into Bob and Wendy again, and she mentioned that she told her grandkids (5 and 2) that Steve was a pilot.  Oh boy!  The 5-year-old went crazy.  He can't wait to meet Steve - a real pilot! 

** Before we dropped Steve off at the airport on Saturday we has about 30 minutes to kill, so we sat in the parking lot of a restaurant that overlooks the runways at the airport.  Steve also changed into his uniform while we sat there.  He asked me not to post this, but I have to have some sort of picture for this post.

While we were there, at least four other cars were in the parking lot watching the planes take off and land.  The car next to us had a little boy with them.  I so wished that Steve would have gone over and talked to him, but he "wasn't in the PR mood."   

What is my point in recounting these stories? These are just recent examples that demonstrate how thrilling and exciting flight is for some people.  The day-in day-out aspects of this job, for both the pilot and the pilot's family, range from the mundane to the exciting, from anger to joy.  As I mentioned before, to see excitement about the job really is refreshing.  I can't speak for Steve, but there is a reason he wanted to be a pilot since he was 8.  Hearing these stories has to remind him of that first flight he went has to remind him how cool flight was to has to remind him why he does what he does.  Flight seems to defy all that is logical, and when you step back and take things in you really remember that flight really is cool!