Thursday, September 9, 2010

picking Daddy up at the airport

Last night we picked Daddy up from the airport.  This is the first time that we actually picked him up.  Of course I had to make a big deal about it.

Tuesday after school we went to the craft store to buy some poster board.  Ben knew we were making a "sign" for Daddy.  In his little brain he was thinking "stop sign" so when I asked him what we should write on the sign, he said "stop Daddy." 

Here we are making the sign.  CC was screaming at first since she didn't have a brush in her hands.  So, I let her join in the fun:

And fun she did have!

The paint was non-toxic and washable, so CC didn't get sick and clean up was a breeze.

Of course Steve was delayed.  He was due in at 19:30 but since they had to replace a battery he didn't get in until 20:39.  To kill some time we watched the planes take off and land in a parking lot, and Ben LOVED it! 

We arrived at the airport and only had to wait about 20 minutes for him to come out.

Ben on the lookout:

Finally Steve walked out!  Notice how Ben is crawling up his body.  Steve gets big hugs like this every time he gets home, and I hope they will always be this way.

Ben just had so much to tell Steve:

Here Steve is putting Ben down so that he can say "hi" to CC.  I love how big Steve's smile is here.  This makes being gone all worthwhile

notice how Ben just can't leave Steve:

What a fun little outing we had! 

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