Pilots don't wear cologne on the job.  And for my pilot that means he usually doesn't wear cologne at any point, really.  But, I like the smell of cologne, if done tastefully.  My most favorite is Calvin Klein Obsession...but, thanks to an ex-girlfriend that forced Steve to wear it all the time, he won't wear it. Boo!

Well, I got Steve some new hair product a couple weeks ago.  It is Axe, something or another.  Boy, does it smell good!  He uses it every day, which means I get that good smell every day he is home.  Yum!  And when he is gone, I take an extra second when I walk past his towel to smell the scent. And no that isn't weird..I miss him when he is gone, so it is the little things that help me get through a trip.
I made the comment to him the other day that I bet the flight attendants like the smell.  They are probably just as used to the smell of nothing, just like I am. So, they probably take note to something different.  I bet when they take the hotel van ride in the morning, they notice the smell...because I would. 

Steve was getting ready for work the other day and was doing his hair...and he looked at me and made some comment doing his hair for the flight attendants.  He was joking of course, but it was cute.  So, now I will be brand loyal to the Axe hair products, simply because I love the smell.


  1. My favorite scent is the Axe Sharp Focus deodorant. My husband won't ever wear cologne for me, but that stuff smells AMAZING!


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