boys, potty training and attention getting

I went to happy hour last night and pulled into our driveway around 8pm. As I was pulling in, I noticed that our bedroom light was the only light on in the house.  Ben usually goes to bed around 8-8:30p so I was thinking that Steve and Ben were in Ben's room (in the back of the house) reading books.

When I walked into the house it was silent.  I walked upstairs and the kid's bedroom doors were shut.  I was still thinking that Ben and Steve were reading. I went into our bedroom to take my shoes off and Steve was on the computer.  What?!  8pm, and Ben is in bed?!

Joanna: What's up? Is Ben really asleep?
Steve: Yeah. He went down around 7.
J: Really?  What's up?
S: he had five accidents today...

...Steve recounted all his at school, and then four at the house. These bad days usually just happen when Steve is home watching the kids.  There have been a couple of times when Steve will call me at work saying "Ben just had another accident" or a text that reads "I'm done with Ben and this pissing shit...he isn't even trying."  Ben will have accidents here and there with me, but nothing like 4 or 5 in a day.

What do I think is the problem?  Ben wants to get attention from Daddy, so he is having accidents to get it.

This, folks, is Ben's first real issue with having a traveling Daddy.  Ugh! I know it will be the first of many. We will get through this.

After discussing things with Steve, we are going to starting doing a Daddy and Benny "date" once a week.  We started this a while ago, but with the move, and whatnot, it went on the backburner.  This "date" can be something as simple as ice cream at McDonald's.  This, we hope, will give Ben the attention he needs. 

This morning Ben crawled into our bed while I was getting ready for work.  Ben told Steve "I don't have to pee" which means "I do have to pee."  After a bit of a struggle, Ben peed in the potty.  As Ben was in there, I looked at Steve and said "give him a big hug when he gets out."  Ben finished up, I praised him, and then he ran back into our bed.  Steve gave him the biggest hug and told him he was proud of him.  Let's hope this whole accident thing passes...quickly!

Steve and Ben at a pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago