fine, then I will never ask you anything about work again

picture it: 10pm last night. Steve is sitting on the rocking chair playing some NBA PlayStation game.  I was sitting on the other rocking chair across the room.  Steve got home about 1 1/2 hours earlier from a 2-day trip.  I was making small talk, and it went something like this:

Joanna: So, how was your flight
Steve: fine  (this is usually the response I get from him)
J: Was it bumpy? (a friend on facebook made the comment yesterday that her flight was bumpy and I know there is a front coming through)
S: Yeah, it was bumpy as shit    
then it really wasn't "fine" was it?
J: were you afraid?
S: no, just annoyed
J: annoyed? did you have trouble reading the instruments?
S: no
J: then why were you annoyed?
S: imagine sitting and doing this the entire flight (and he started bouncing up and down in his chair, as if he were back on the flight in the middle of turbulence)
J: insert laughter here
J: on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being your must most turbulent flight, what was it?
S: I don't know, a 5
J: were you scared
S: if you were paying attention I already told you that I wasn't afraid
S: and what is it with all these questions sounding totally annoyed
J: fine, then I will never ask you anything about work again
   and then I stormed off in total junior high school fashion and went upstairs to watch Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, my favorite!

Why do I bring this up?  Steve RARELY talks about work.  I think that is abnormal.  From what I gather from other pilot wives, women are in-the-know about industry things and I have the sense that the pilot is the one that talks about things.  I find out a lot of stuff on my own. 

He told me later that he likes when I ask about work, but I really don't think he does.  Or is it that I should know better than to talk to him when he is playing PS3? I think that when he leaves the airport he totally leaves work behind and just doesn't want to talk about it.  So, onward I go, reading pilot blogs, finding out what Steve does on the job through other pilots. 


  1. I pretty much have the opposite problem- all my hubby talks about is work! I am interested in what he does, but it gets kind of old sometimes because I've heard a lot of the same kinds of recaps on his days soooooooo many times. Also he never shuts up about what's happening with the aviation industry. Especially with Continental! I guess if he didn't talk about it, I would feel out of the loop like you do, but sometimes I wish he'd talk about SOMETHING else!

  2. I'm married to an incessant talker too. And not just with aviation. Sometimes it's like there's no filter between what he thinks and what comes out.

    I'd chalk last night up to the PSP though.

  3. Hmm ... It is probably the PS3 because when my hubby is reading and I try to make small talk it's like talking to a wall but if he is in the mood and the flood gates open watch out he will spill every detail of everything. Men are weird about communicating.

  4. here is what Steve said about this topic on facebook:
    "As much as you would like this to be about the isn' has everything to do with the fact that I leave work at work! That is the beautiful thing about my job...when I'm at work I work and think about that stuff...but when I am home I think about home, daddy and family stuff....why mix business with pleasure?"

    I am just glad he finds me pleasurable :)


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