"I usually just go to bars with dudes"

My hometown fair happened last week, so we packed up the family and headed down for a night.

Ben was a SUPERSTAR on the rides.  He wasn't scared, which shocked the hell out of me, Steve and my mom.  He was also very interested in the mechanics of the rides...maybe we will have an engineer in our future?

My big boy!

After the fair we went back to my mom's, put CC down, and then Steve and I headed out for a date.  Can you believe he even opened my door to the car?  Ahhh! Just like old times.

Since it was late, we just went to a bar.  We both ordered a beer and settled in.  At one point I looked over at Steve and said, "well, you aren't very talkative."

You see, we don't get out much alone.  It was nice to be out, but his crossed arms and quietness was a bit of a put-off.

His response "I am not used to going to a bar with you...I usually just go to bars with dudes."  Which, is SO true.  Steve goes to bars with his CA, not usually his wife.  I had to add that Steve warmed up to the company of a woman, and we had a good time, after all.

**As a bit of a side, I am a bit obsessed with this one CA that Steve flies with on occasion.  Steve knows that I stalk him on facebook.  Did I just admit that online?  I just find the guy intriguing for some reason.  Steve has a lot of fun with this guy, and I like that..and that is always probably why I am a bit obsessed with him, because I feel like I sort of know him, when I usually don't know much about most guys he flies with.  I like that Steve's job can be fun sometimes, when it is usually rather mundane.  I guess this CA calls for going out on any overnight over 12 hours, which that isn't always the case.  Slam clickers suck. I hope Steve will be that kind of CA! 

While sitting at the bar, we starting talking about said CA, and Steve actually had a voicemail saved from this CA.  Steve pulled it up and I started to listen.  Instantly, I burst into laughter.  His voice was SOOOOO pilot on the PA, it wasn't even funny.  I don't remember exactly what he was saying but it probably went something like this "Hi Steeeveee.  THis is...Johnnnn.  Heyyyy...so....I are about ...to.......head out for some.....drinksssssss."  Hilarious!  Total stereotypical pilot PA voice...classic!


  1. I love that you stalk your husband's coworkers on FB. It's fun, funny, and I hadn't thought to do that! :) I do find it interesting when my husband shows me the badge photos of folks he works with. It just gives me a little more context about them. I would do the same for him if my company had badge photos online. Then again, my company has corporate events (holiday part, family picnic) where he gets to meet my coworkers. Rumor has it that his company has that, too, but we never seem to be able to attend.

  2. I am glad you don't think it is weird :) Oh, and I ALWAYS ask Steve "so, what is your CAs story?"

    I should also add that Steve and this guy sort of bonded over facebook...something about another CA in the company. So, when I was reading through the dialogue, which Steve directed me to, I noticed the CA and checked out his page. And then it went from there.

  3. My husband and I never go out to diner dates anymore because it is always quiet and weird. We never talk just sit there and eat in silence so instead we do movie nights at home or go for ice cream or chill in his pub (private man cave on our property) for dates those are always so much fun. I am so glad that we are not the only ones that experience silence from time to time.


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